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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
1 Neutral The Shadowbinders Webcomic | Steampunk, Fantasy, Magic and Mecha
Full color free steampunk/fantasy webcomic and comics/anime forums. Updated 2x weekly.
1624 2136.7 Creator Site
2 Neutral DC Women KIcking Ass
Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women of DC Comics, and occasionally Marvel and other places, who kick ass.
942 1989.6 Comics Culture
3 Neutral Superhero Movies News
Comic Book Movie News 24/7! Come for interviews, behind-the-scenes, trailers, news and spoilers on your favorite upcoming superhero movies yet to be released!
2022 1953.3 Comics Culture
4 Neutral Comic Book Therapy
News, reviews and happenings in the Comic Book World. Get your Daily Comic Book Therapy Today!
448 1652.3 Comics Culture
5 Neutral Luci Phurr's Imps
A small girl holds the power to bring about the End of Days or get that pony she always wanted.
1318 1343.1 Creator Site
6 Neutral Graphic Policy
Graphic Policy follows the intersection of comic books and political themes as well as general comic book news.
339 1210 Comics Culture
The BAT-BLOG is totally dedicated to Batman Collecting. We cover Vintage Toys, New Merchandise, The Movies, Cartoons, Animated Films, TV Shows, Comic Books, etc...everything BATMAN!
482 1023 Comics Culture
8 Neutral Forces of Geek
Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe – here in this great World Wide Web - are the most powerful Forces of Geek ever assembled. Here, pop culture is our bitch.
389 953.6 Megasite
9 Neutral Berkeley Place
Comics News and Reviews (mostly Marvel and DC), superhero movies and TV shows, great art, and a panel from every issue of The Avengers & The Fantastic Four
284 729.5 News and Reviews
A comic for the adults that never fully grew up. Also: for deranged people.
419 647.8 Comics Culture
11 Down Once Upon a Geek
A place for all things geek... Primarily focused on comic books and science fiction.
244 646.3 Comics Culture
12 Up Ends 'n' Means
A comic strip about high hopes, low standards and bitter disappointment. Also it has a fluffy bunny!
576 617.3 Creator Site
13 Up Complete Marvel Reading Order - Comic Reviews
Reviewing new marvel comics and comics from the past 50 years.
396 596 News and Reviews
14 Down At Tha Movies
All of the latest movie, comic-book and gaming headlines.
67 581.2 News and Reviews
15 Neutral Diversions of the Groovy Kind
Explore the far-out comics of the Groovy Age (1967-1980) with your host, the Groovy Agent!
332 564 Comics Culture
16 Up The Webcomic Factory
The Webcomic Factory is a high end webcomic hub featuring artwork from all over the world.
508 543.9 Comics Culture
17 Down Collected Editions
The "wait-for-trade" headquarters, featuring trade paperback reviews, commentaries, discount comic book alerts, comic book news, and the occasional scoop. Don't miss our DC Universe Trade Paperback Timeline!
271 522.5 News and Reviews
18 Neutral Super Robot Mayhem
News and Reviews on new and old comics, feel free to contribute with your own reviews too.
273 437.5 Comics Culture
19 Neutral The Webcomic Overlook
Webcomic reviews are serious business.
218 402.8 Comics Culture
20 Neutral Boumeries
Journal comics by Boum! Updates Mon-Wed-Fri.
387 401.8 Creator Site
21 Up Bronze Age Babies
Comics, Toys, Movies, Music... Growing Up Goodness from the 1970's-'80's, with Doug and Karen!
351 361.2 Comics Culture
22 Down The Day The Web Stood Stupid
Great geek art but a little bit stupid. One girl's frantic search for the best comics,animation or game art on the web.
148 352.2 Megasite
23 Up El Blog de Jotace
Well... Frederic Wertham was right
305 339.6 Rants and Nonsense
24 Down Trade Reading Order
We're devoted to helping you organize and read your trades and graphic novels. No more wondering what to read next! We also do daily reviews and weekly giveaways.
171 333 News and Reviews
25 Neutral Speed Force
Tracking the Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.
145 317 News and Reviews
26 Neutral Zombie Ranch
A webcomic that follows a crew of cowpokes in a post-apocalyptic future where zombies are wrangled for profit.
203 308 Creator Site
27 Neutral The Venom Site
An informational site dedicated to everything Venom.
146 289.4 News and Reviews
28 Neutral Big Glee! The Albert Bryan Bigley Archives!
This is the site that features the childhood artwork of Marvel and DC Comics artist Al Bigley! Al has fun poking fun at his childish scrawlings! Also spotlights original comic art and odds and ends from the Silver and Bronze age of comics and toys!
129 282.5 Comics Culture
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Clostridium difficile–associated diarrhea in adult. where to buy viagra manila 29 Neutral It's A Dan's World
Blogging daily on comics and illustration!
131 282.4 Comics Culture
30 Up Mars Will Send No More
We love comic books, and we love sharing them with you... Especially when they involve rampaging dinosaurs, mutant brains, cosmic annihilation, time travel, and hideous aliens! From Golden Age to Modern, from Indies to the Majors.
267 281.7 Comics Culture

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