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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
121 Up Comic blog Buzzing All Round 20th Century Comic stuff
At comicments.com, I blog everything I know about comics, coz I believe and have passion for the Art, graphic prints and penciling and other freakout stuffs. You should check it out if you want some comic News! The Best of its Kind, COME ONE< COME ALL!
31 38.1 News and Reviews
122 Down Timely Atlas Comics
25 38.1 Comics Culture
123 Down The PCG
UK-based comics blog. Weekly reviews (published Sunday night) plus articles, comment and more.
23 37.5 News and Reviews
124 Neutral Murtha Reviews
My brother sister and I review and discuss comics, and sometimes sci-fi t.v. shows.
13 35.8 Comics Culture
125 Up Comical Musings
Comical Musings exists to promote the literary art form of comic books through opinions, reviews, and interviews.
22 34.9 Comics Culture
126 Down EvilNewsDaily.com
When comedy writers meet comic book culture you get EvilNewsDaily.com! So shut up.
11 33.8 Comics Culture
Great comic scans, stories and artists from Golden Age, Silver Age, and beyond!
22 32.9 Comics Culture
128 Neutral Comic Reviews by Walt
Weekly comic reviews (primarily DC, but others thrown in as well). Also includes other random comics-related content.
18 32.2 News and Reviews
129 Up Comics in Crisis
Looking at what went right and wrong with comic stories past and present.
27 31.8 Comics Culture
130 Down SpaceBooger
Home of Friday Night Fights - The weekly battle between bloggers armed with their favorite comic book fight scenes. SpaceBooger.com also features a webcomic, comic reviews, and other comic book related posts.
20 31.6 Comics Culture
131 Neutral Comics Fondle
Comics reviews, old and new, mainstream and independent.
34 31.5 News and Reviews
132 Up The NewtCave
Comic Book Recommendations/Reviews/Recaps, Character Studies, and the Rambling Rants of a Comic Fan! (Warning: Contains humor, analysis, snark, and traces of lead.)
22 30.8 News and Reviews
133 Down Superheroes are Awesome
Superheroes in comic books, TV shows, movies, and more!
19 30.4 Comics Culture
134 Up Delusional Honesty!
Comics & media fodder including critical essays, issue reviews, news, interviews & retrospectives! Highbrow comics talk (with lowbrow humor) since 2005.
21 29.7 Comics Culture
135 Down Black Snow Comics
Blog of comic creators Michael Balistreri and Alex Siquig, known for Black Snow, I'm Famous! and Optimistically Cynical.
15 29.4 Creator Site
136 Neutral Comics & Dakine
we talk story on comic books, music, flicks, tech and all the creative mediums that stream through our senses and inspire.
13 27.6 Comics Culture
137 Neutral Fallen Manga Studios
I founded Fallen Manga Studios as a Comic and Manga creating company that publish the original stories I wrote.
16 27.4 Creator Site
138 Up Project Waldo
A guy learns how to make a comic by making a comic.
24 27.1 Creator Site
139 Up ComicFilmBlog.de
German Blog about Comics & Movies / deutscher Comicblog
19 26.8 Comics Culture
140 Down The Comic Book Room
A daily blog dedicated to comic books old and new. Favorite comic book artists. Comic book news and MORE!
10 26.6 Comics Culture
141 Up Comics-and-More
A blog where I post about comics, and occasionally get sidetracked by the goings-on of general pop culture.
19 26 News and Reviews
142 Down Comic Book Artist Dennis M. Sweatt
Web comic artist. New graphic novel, Outcast Zero; Man Out of Time!
9 25.8 Creator Site
143 Down Platypus Robot
An unholy hodgepodge of everything geek that sometimes lays eggs.
12 25.8 Comics Culture
144 Neutral Wednesday's Haul
Wednesday’s Haul is both a blog and a podcast about the wonderful world of comics specifically and geekery in general.
18 25.4 News and Reviews
145 Neutral 2-Dimensional Domain
No superheroes comics ! News, reviews, presentations and tributes. European and american alternative comics. And of course manga. Greek - with translation
13 24.2 Comics Culture
146 Neutral Comic Art + STUFF
Blogging about the best comic-art found on the web,also animation and other stuff..
9 23.1 Comics Culture
147 Neutral The Daily Comics Review
Helping you slog through the daily best and worst of the print and web comics universe.
15 23 News and Reviews
148 Neutral DC Multiverse
Reviews on all counterparts in the DC Comics pre-Crisis Multiverse
13 22.8 Comics Culture
The best display, analysis and homage of classic black and white comic art and artists on the web.
14 22.4 Comics Culture
150 Up Gutter Talk
A blog about all types of comics, comic books and strip both new and old
15 21.7 Comics Culture

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