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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
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151 Down Realm of the Bat
Bulgarian comics-blog for sharing news, mainly for my country. It's mostly Batman, as he's my favourite character.
0 0 Comics Culture
152 Down All Things Fangirl
A group of East Coast Fangirls (and a couple boys) in their early twenties, who are and/or work with various professionals in the genre world, write about the things they love...and hate. Specializing in opinions, recommendations & commentary with some ex
0 0 Megasite
153 Down Comic Book Graphic Design
I'm a graphic designer and proud comic book nerd with aspirations of becoming a comic book artist.
0 0 Creator Site
154 Down A Comic Life, Indeed
A comic look a life with chronic illness - in a comic!
0 0 Creator Site
155 Down Comiteka
Blogg de opinion sobre todo tipo de cĂłmics
0 0 Comics Culture
156 Down Comic Art + STUFF
Blogging about the best comic-art found on the web,also animation and other stuff..
0 0 Comics Culture
157 Down It's Time for Some Action!
Wherein Action Matt! Murray Rambles About His Media Related Madness and Other Modern Morbidity... Updates Regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays, With Occasional Posts Thrown in Here and There.
0 0 Rants and Nonsense
158 Down Warren Peace Sings the Blues
Reviews of comics, manga, webcomics, etc. Hopefully incisive, cutting, thought-provoking, and amusing, but you never know.
0 0 Comics Culture
159 Down Pipin' Hot Comics
Pipin Hot is the home of indy comics and art created by Don Wood: this blog includes sketches comic art and ideas.
0 0 Creator Site
160 Down Crimson Lightning
Following the whirlwind adventures of the Flash!
0 0 Comics Culture
161 Down The Comic Book Listings Blog!
I blog about Comic Books for sale, auction, or trade. Also Industry News, Press Releases, Movie Reviews, and More! You can also Post Your Comic Book for sale, auction, or trade.
0 0 Comics Culture
162 Down Omnicomic
A spiffy spot for the comic lot. Omnicomic is all about bringing comics news to the comics fans. Includes news, interviews, reviews, weekly columns from guest writers, all things comic related.
0 0 Comics Culture
163 Down HeroPress
A daily slice of geek - from comics to games, via films and TV. Reviews etc
0 0 Comics Culture
164 Down Ancillary Characters
We write reviews, op-eds and run a bi-weekly podcast about comics. Join us...
0 0 Comics Culture
The best display, analysis and homage of classic black and white comic art and artists on the web.
0 0 Comics Culture
166 Down a.comic.novel
A journal in the style of a classic/film noir comic.
0 0 Creator Site
167 Down The Heroic Age - Marvel Comics News
a fan site with updates on upcoming comics from Marvel comics. Showcasing Images and story descriptions.
0 0 Comics Culture
168 Down Comic Book Graphic Design
Free Comic Resources, How To Videos, References, Comic Art Terms, Characters and Comics.
0 0 Creator Site
169 Down LEAGUE OF FICTION PRESENTS: comic books, superhero, & everything related to fiction source
0 0 News and Reviews
170 Down Comic Reviews by Walt
Weekly comic reviews (primarily DC, but others thrown in as well). Also includes other random comics-related content.
0 0 News and Reviews
171 Down Sequential Crush
Devoted to preserving the memory of romance comics and the creative teams that published them throughout the 1960s and 1970s.
0 0.1 Comics Culture
172 Down Attention, Children. Sequential Art.
Monthly cantakerous observations by a guy who cares for little else besides comic books.
0 0 Comics Culture
173 Down Holy Blog Batman
A great blog to find some Batman fun facts, pictures and videos. What's more fun then being a Batman fan then to be able to share it with others!
0 0 Comics Culture
174 Down The Shadowbinders Webcomic | Steampunk, Fantasy, Magic and Mecha
Full color free steampunk/fantasy webcomic and comics/anime forums. Updated 2x weekly.
0 0 Creator Site
175 Down Complete Marvel Reading Order - Comic Reviews
Reviewing new marvel comics and comics from the past 50 years.
0 0.3 News and Reviews
176 Down Mr. J Comics
Review on Comics and graphical novels. Also chit chat on Tamil Language comics.
0 0 Comics Culture
177 Down Golden Universe
Pulp heroes, 1920s to 1950s action, animated adventures, comicbooks and prose!
0 0 Creator Site
178 Down Pocket War Comics
"Oh no it looks like Cutter's bought it!" If this makes sense to you, you've come to the right place.
0 0 Comics Culture
179 Down The Short Box
A comic blog all about comic news, reviews, and the comic book industry as well as culture.
0 0 Comics Culture
180 Down Super Robot Mayhem
News and Reviews on new and old comics, feel free to contribute with your own reviews too.
0 0 Comics Culture

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