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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
181 Up World of Superman
A chronological trawl through the life and times of Post-Crisis Superman.
2 10.1 Comics Culture
182 Up Charlton vs Mighty MLJ
Rediscovering the lost universes of Charlton Comics and MLJ/Mighty Comics.
4 10 News and Reviews
183 Down The Entertainment Network
A blog about Comics, Movies, Games and more! Ran by just one geeky guy. Please visit/follow my blog because each view really does make a difference!
0 9.9 News and Reviews
184 Down High Five! Comics
A husband, a wife, and a neighbor - plus a parade of other friends - pair comics with drinks, root for underdogs, and eviscerate bad adaptations of our beloved monthlies.
0 9.8 Comics Culture
185 Up Essential master Of Kung Fu
A review of Master of kung Fu in a reading order, as i hope for a reprinting of this great series
9 9.8 Comics Culture
186 Down Trade Paperback Reviews - Mike Tells It Straight - Comic Books
Comprehensive reviews of comic book collected editions meant to help fans decide what to check out next!
2 9.8 News and Reviews
187 Down Geeky Karma
A comic about geek outs and the karmic cycle of life.
1 9.6 Creator Site
188 Neutral Uncle Robot Presents
'Vorto the Pirate', a retro sci-fi webcomic and the comic blog of creator Martin Pope.
5 9.6 Creator Site
189 Down I Love Rob Liefeld | A Comic Book Blog
Comic book reviews and commentary.
1 9.2 Comics Culture
190 Up Four Color Promises
A collection of advertisements from comic books. From the 60's to the 80's. Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
4 9.2 Comics Culture
The best display, analysis and homage of classic black and white comic art and artists on the web.
2 9.2 Comics Culture
192 Down The Comic Book Listings Blog!
I blog about Comic Books for sale, auction, or trade. Also Industry News, Press Releases, Movie Reviews, and More! You can also Post Your Comic Book for sale, auction, or trade.
1 9.1 Comics Culture
193 Neutral Cemetery Street
Existentially humorous weirdness with two monsters and a ghost... and comic geeks... an angry teabag... a bear-loving lawyer... a broken fourth wall... Hey, we DID say weirdness!
4 9 Creator Site
194 Up Superhero Reviews!
Reviews and Thoughts on all our favorite comics...
5 8.3 News and Reviews
195 Down Comic Fodder
Your panel of experts engages in review and criticism of comics, and regularly ponders the comic industry's myriad mysteries.
1 8 News and Reviews
196 Down I Believe In Bat-Mite
Blogging about Batman stories from the fifties.
1 8 News and Reviews
197 Up JoeBlogscomics
Reviews of trades and graphic novels. But only the good ones, because why would you read bad comics?
3 8 News and Reviews
198 Down Comic Book Cover Jigsaw Puzzles
We take Comic Book Cover's or related artwork and reproduce into Jigsaw Puzzles.
1 7.8 Creator Site
199 Up Comics N Things
It's mostly about comics, but I lapse into other things occasionally. There's not much in the way of "insightful commentary." It's generally just random babbling.
2 7.7 Rants and Nonsense
200 Down Frostthegreat
Cartoony Shorts
0 7.7 Comics Culture
Great comic scans, stories and artists from Golden Age, Silver Age, and beyond!
1 7.5 Comics Culture
202 Neutral ChrusherComix | A Graphic Novel & Webcomic Archive
A killer has been systematically slaughtering people all over the world, and private detective nicknamed "Chrusher" has become a target.
0 7.2 Creator Site
203 Up Murtha Reviews
My brother sister and I review and discuss comics, and sometimes sci-fi t.v. shows.
2 7.2 Comics Culture
204 Down Comics Reader
Comics Reader talks about new and old comics with equal enthusiasm, discussing favorite series and creators.
1 7.2 Rants and Nonsense
205 Down the rough draft of an aspiring mad man
A blog from an integrated marketing communications graduate student in chicago about comic books, marketing and entertainment.
1 7.1 Megasite
206 Neutral The Crabby Reviewer
Graphic novels, movies, books, crabbiness!!
3 7 News and Reviews
207 Up populations, function and meaning ( pofume.org )
Pofume combines science and philosophy ramblings on the nature of meaning, and an original comic strip component inspired by Scott McCloud's "Understanding comics".
6 7 Creator Site
208 Down Subculture For The Cultured (SftC)
Online magazine in which each news column targets a unique comic book angle: "comics and..."(economics, the law, etc).
2 6.8 Megasite
209 Down Delirium Comics
We are a comic book and pop culture site and Podcast based in Washington, DC.
2 6.8 News and Reviews
210 Up The Hill Site - A Comic Blog
The Hill Site is an extremely dry autobiographical comic blog. It is about lots of different things, but there are a lot of dogs in it.
9 6.5 Comics Culture

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