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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
211 Up Subculture For The Cultured (SftC)
Online magazine in which each news column targets a unique comic book angle: "comics and..."(economics, the law, etc).
7 6.3 Megasite
212 Down Pink Ink
A geekette's take on the weeks releases plus other random comic tidbits.
1 6.1 Comics Culture
213 Neutral Planet Hamburger
This blog ascends in bubbles formed by rarefied gasses burbling forth from the uncanny valleys between animal, vegetable and mineral.
2 5.9 Creator Site
214 Neutral Comics N Things
It's mostly about comics, but I lapse into other things occasionally. There's not much in the way of "insightful commentary." It's generally just random babbling.
3 5.8 Rants and Nonsense
215 Up ComicSpectrum Comic Reviews Blog
Reviews of current comics with an emphasis towards Independent comics (though the occasional Marvel/DC book will be discussed).
3 5.5 News and Reviews
216 Up Interested in Sophisticated Fun?
Comic book reviews, interviews with bloggers, podcasters, and word makers
2 5.5 Comics Culture
217 Down Bang! Pow! Zap!
A comic blog by a regular working schmo.
1 5.4 Comics Culture
218 Down Geektress
Geektress is a website aimed at science fiction / fantasy / comic-book loving nerds everywhere.
1 5.4 News and Reviews
219 Up Superman 101
Teaching class on the weird and wonderful history of Superman, one panel at a time.
5 5.4 Comics Culture
220 Neutral Masked Heroes
The Masked Heroes bring you their thoughts on Comics, Anime and other media
5 5.3 Comics Culture
221 Down Division18.com
The official website of indie comic "Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers" and its creators, Matt Bergin and Jeremy Donelson, updated regularly with the latest D18 hype, union scab reports, and the occasional non-union brain droppings.
3 5.2 Creator Site
222 Neutral Ancillary Characters
We write reviews, op-eds and run a bi-weekly podcast about comics. Join us...
2 5 Comics Culture
223 Up ChrusherComix | A Graphic Novel & Webcomic Archive
A killer has been systematically slaughtering people all over the world, and private detective nicknamed "Chrusher" has become a target.
6 4.9 Creator Site
224 Down Foreign Comic Collector
An online magazine dedicated to collecting foreign comic variants, editions, reprints and all other foreign comic collecting goodness!
0 4.8 Comics Culture
225 Down El Friki Reflexivo
Empezó siendo cualquier cosa menos un blog personal.
1 4.7 Comics Culture
226 Up Post-Crisis Post-Script
Telling the story of the DC Post Crisis, Crisis to Flashpoint, with reviews and essays.
3 4.7 Comics Culture
227 Down Some Dumb Comics
These are just some dumb comics I've drawn. I am by no means a professional, mostly the comics are just my observations from events in my own life. Hopefully you will find them funny.
1 4.6 Creator Site
228 Down BangZap Blog
Comics reviews, comic book movie reviews, toy reviews and general comics based nonsense.
1 4.6 Comics Culture
229 Down The Cool Web Comic List Blog
A blog about cool Webcomics with snippet reviews and scores out of 10. Only quality Webcomics featured. No Crap!
0 4.4 News and Reviews
230 Down Tights and Capes Forever
A site dedicated to collecting, reading and cataloging DC universe trade publications. Publications are organzied by title, original published date of collected issues, and in order of continuity.
1 4.4 News and Reviews
231 Up populations, function and meaning ( pofume.org )
Pofume combines science and philosophy ramblings on the nature of meaning, and an original comic strip component inspired by Scott McCloud's "Understanding comics".
3 4.4 Creator Site
232 Down ShannonSmith.net
Shannon Smith makes comics. Yep, he sho nuff does.
2 4.3 Creator Site
233 Down Godmera's Fandom
Comics, Monsters, Toys, Movies, Music, and Me. A fan blog.
2 4.3 Comics Culture
234 Neutral The Hammer Strikes
The general and disconnected musings of you're average, late-thirties geek.
3 4.2 Comics Culture
235 Neutral geekafett
We feature all things geek comics, toys, movies, and miniature gaming. Check us out tell us what you are into.
1 4.1 News and Reviews
236 Neutral Frostthegreat
Cartoony Shorts
0 3.9 Comics Culture
237 Up Let's Just Be Foes
The adventures of people who seek the answers to the mysteries of the word.
3 3.9 Comics Culture
238 Neutral The Pulp Beacon
Exploring the strange and unusual world of Golden Age comic books.
1 3.8 Comics Culture
239 Down LonnieZedComics
Mastering Comics, Graphic Novels and Sequential Art. Home of weekly web comic "Hip, Hot & Sexy".
0 3.8 Creator Site
240 Up Malaak, Angel of Peace
Home of the Lebanese comic series Malaak, Angel of Peace, plus comicmaking resources and reviews.
3 3.8 Creator Site

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