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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
241 Down Geno's Comics
Anything and everything about the comic book industry and related media.
3 3.4 Comics Culture
242 Down Tights and Capes Forever
A site dedicated to collecting, reading and cataloging DC universe trade publications. Publications are organzied by title, original published date of collected issues, and in order of continuity.
1 3.3 News and Reviews
243 Neutral Let's Just Be Foes
The adventures of people who seek the answers to the mysteries of the word.
3 3.2 Comics Culture
There is no cure for comics, but our community of fans, retailers, and creators can join forces to prove that comics can cure! Take a break from your escape to improve someone else's reality.
3 3 Comics Culture
245 Down Some Dumb Comics
These are just some dumb comics I've drawn. I am by no means a professional, mostly the comics are just my observations from events in my own life. Hopefully you will find them funny.
1 3 Creator Site
246 Up Comix Tutorials
comix tuts is a blog,where i try to gather as much info ,tuts,methods inspiration ,resources,for people who want to start a comic.you can find tuts on many programs like photoshop,or how to scan your art for coloring.it is still fairly new and limited but
3 2.9 Comics Culture
247 Up The Hammer Strikes
The general and disconnected musings of you're average, late-thirties geek.
3 2.9 Comics Culture
248 Down Geek Readers
Comicbook reviews, previews, news and more.
2 2.9 Comics Culture
249 Down Creative Creations of Chris
This is my personal art blog.
2 2.9 Creator Site
250 Up The stixite - more fun than should be legal
Stixites are done the complete opposite way to most comics. Courtney takes his inspiration from anything and everything around him. That illustration is sent to Dale who will work them ALL no matter what. There is absolutely NO pre-planning. NO pre-scri
4 2.8 Creator Site
251 Down Geektress
Geektress is a website aimed at science fiction / fantasy / comic-book loving nerds everywhere.
0 2.8 News and Reviews
252 Down The Anti-Didio League of America
Celebrating the True Heroes of the DC Universe!
1 2.8 Rants and Nonsense
253 Neutral Almost Normal Comics
A Publisher and Promoter devoted to Rants, Raves, News and Reviews of Indie Comics and Zines by DIY Lowbrow Lowlifes Everywhere!
3 2.8 News and Reviews
254 Neutral The Harvey Mercheum
Toys, games and more featuring characters from Harvey comics
3 2.7 Comics Culture
255 Down geekafett
We feature all things geek comics, toys, movies, and miniature gaming. Check us out tell us what you are into.
0 2.6 News and Reviews
256 Up The Balkin City Stories
The Balkin City Stories - A free crime noir online comic in a bleak as can be city. Recommended for a mature audience.
3 2.5 Creator Site
257 Neutral ShannonSmith.net
Shannon Smith makes comics. Yep, he sho nuff does.
1 2.4 Creator Site
258 Neutral Attention, Children. Sequential Art.
Monthly cantakerous observations by a guy who cares for little else besides comic books.
1 2.4 Comics Culture
259 Down Four Color Commentary
The blog of Mark Allen, producer of Suspended Animation, a 20+ year old syndicated comics review column.
0 2.4 Comics Culture
260 Neutral Comic Book Nuts
We're all a little nuts about something. Comic books just happens to be our something.
1 2.3 Comics Culture
261 Down Court's Court
This blog is insight on my webcomic called Luci Phurr's Imps, as well as my day to day activities and how-to.
1 2.3 Creator Site
262 Neutral Mega Maiden and the Chop Chop Princess
Mega maiden is a pervy superhero comedy by Andeh Pinkard. New updates on weekdays. Mega maiden is intended for OLDER Teens and adults for crude humor, language & adult situations.
2 2.2 Creator Site
263 Neutral Kyle's Geeky Blog About Comics
Kyle’s Geeky Blog About Comics started out as “Kyle’s Geeky Blog about Cool Stuff” in Spring 2011 by the eponymous Reverend Kyle (myself), as a way to keep my journalist/blogging/web development skills sharp, and also to wax poetic about everyone’s favori
3 2.2 Comics Culture
264 Up Clever Name Comics & Pop Culture Blog
Regular reviews of comic book new releases, movies, TV and toys by a team of comic geeks just like you :-)
7 2.1 Comics Culture
265 Down Cornwall Graphic Novel Group
A collective of graphics, trades, comics and manga fans who get together every month to geek out.
2 2.1 Comics Culture
266 Neutral Analog Addiction
Analog Addiction provides the latest gaming news, comic news, reviews, and interviews. We do comic reviews, many features, previews, movies reviews, news, etc.
4 2.1 Creator Site
267 Up Realm of the Bat
Bulgarian comics-blog for sharing news, mainly for my country. It's mostly Batman, as he's my favourite character.
3 2 Comics Culture
268 Down Comics I Like
Blogging about comics I read... revies... news... articles
2 2 News and Reviews
269 Down I Speak In Bubbles
Comic reviews and industry interviews and insights.
1 2 News and Reviews
270 Down Sequentially Speaking
Notes on the comic book industry from a comic book retailer.
1 1.8 Comics Culture

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