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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
241 Down 9th Art
Commentary, Editorials and Reviews of Comics and Culture
2 4 Comics Culture
242 Down Tights and Capes Forever
A site dedicated to collecting, reading and cataloging DC universe trade publications. Publications are organzied by title, original published date of collected issues, and in order of continuity.
2 3.9 News and Reviews
243 Up Post-Crisis Post-Script
Telling the story of the DC Post Crisis, Crisis to Flashpoint, with reviews and essays.
4 3.8 Comics Culture
244 Neutral Bourbon and Bongwater
Comics and fantasy culture reviews and rants from the sex, drugs and zombie movies sector of my brain
1 3.7 Comics Culture
245 Neutral Interested in Sophisticated Fun?
Comic book reviews, interviews with bloggers, podcasters, and word makers
1 3.7 Comics Culture
246 Up Analog Addiction
Analog Addiction provides the latest gaming news, comic news, reviews, and interviews. We do comic reviews, many features, previews, movies reviews, news, etc.
3 3.7 Creator Site
247 Down Holy Blog Batman
A great blog to find some Batman fun facts, pictures and videos. What's more fun then being a Batman fan then to be able to share it with others!
0 3.6 Comics Culture
248 Up The stixite - more fun than should be legal
Stixites are done the complete opposite way to most comics. Courtney takes his inspiration from anything and everything around him. That illustration is sent to Dale who will work them ALL no matter what. There is absolutely NO pre-planning. NO pre-scri
4 3.5 Creator Site
249 Down populations, function and meaning ( pofume.org )
Pofume combines science and philosophy ramblings on the nature of meaning, and an original comic strip component inspired by Scott McCloud's "Understanding comics".
2 3.5 Creator Site
250 Neutral Sequentially Speaking
Notes on the comic book industry from a comic book retailer.
2 3.3 Comics Culture
251 Up The Servants
The modern servants comic based on the customer service industry.
3 3.3 Creator Site
252 Down The Anti-Didio League of America
Celebrating the True Heroes of the DC Universe!
0 3.2 Rants and Nonsense
253 Up Division18.com
The official website of indie comic "Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers" and its creators, Matt Bergin and Jeremy Donelson, updated regularly with the latest D18 hype, union scab reports, and the occasional non-union brain droppings.
4 3 Creator Site
254 Down Burpee's Comic Book Asylum
Comics ye will find here! You'll find everything from comic reviews, commentary, pictures and now featuring video reviews and commentary as well! Tired of the same old comic blog? Well then come here and get a crazy fresh take on comics.
0 3 Comics Culture
255 Down General Douchebaggery
An autobiographical website in which I share my opinions personal experiences on dating, film, TV, animals, and comic books.
0 2.8 Creator Site
256 Up Let's Just Be Foes
The adventures of people who seek the answers to the mysteries of the word.
4 2.8 Comics Culture
257 Down Cornwall Graphic Novel Group
A collective of graphics, trades, comics and manga fans who get together every month to geek out.
1 2.8 Comics Culture
258 Up bARTdriver
comics, painding, illustrations, cartoons, digital art end non only
3 2.8 Creator Site
259 Down The Hill Site - A Comic Blog
The Hill Site is an extremely dry autobiographical comic blog. It is about lots of different things, but there are a lot of dogs in it.
0 2.7 Comics Culture
260 Down Kyle's Geeky Blog About Comics
Kyle’s Geeky Blog About Comics started out as “Kyle’s Geeky Blog about Cool Stuff” in Spring 2011 by the eponymous Reverend Kyle (myself), as a way to keep my journalist/blogging/web development skills sharp, and also to wax poetic about everyone’s favori
1 2.7 Comics Culture
261 Down Dan Taylor Blog
The "official" weblog of Dan Taylor -- co-creator of "Hero Happy Hour" and tons of fun to come.
1 2.6 Creator Site
262 Down Comic Book Nuts
We're all a little nuts about something. Comic books just happens to be our something.
0 2.6 Comics Culture
263 Up Nerd Out With Me
Nerd Out With Me has a keen ear to the ground on topics of nerd/geek and comic culture. Reviews, previews, nerd-outs, webcomics of the week are just a few of many diamonds in the pop-culture rough you'll find at this blog!
2 2.5 Comics Culture
264 Down The Comic Book Discrimination Dossiers
A blog whose purpose is meant to be similar in some ways to that of Women in Refridgerators, in focusing on comic book characters who've been misused and subject to discrimination by the companies that own them.
0 2.4 Rants and Nonsense
265 Down Your Comic Relief
A Blog about comics, both printed and online. News, reviews, and reactions. Visit today!
0 2.4 News and Reviews
266 Up Geek Readers
Comicbook reviews, previews, news and more.
1 2.4 Comics Culture
267 Up crunchy baked comics
A Blog for showing Comic-creation. The Result will be a Comic about a little Potatoe. His Name is "X" and a not-finished Projekt of an billion-Dollar Company. One Day the the Disaster has began...
2 2.4 Creator Site
268 Up Make Dad Read Comics
Blog/podcast where I force my father to read & discuss comics, he hates them but by offering treats he surrenders!
2 2.3 Comics Culture
269 Up The Comics Blog
A blog that mostly has reviews and other what-not about comics. Also features the most generic blog name ever.
2 2.3 News and Reviews
270 Down Do a Barney Oldfield!
Examination of my passion for comics and science fiction with a particular eye towards historical context and pop culture references.
1 2.3 Comics Culture

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