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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
271 Down SDCC Comic Con
Stay on top of each comic con with the latest news, Exclusive con items & toys, Pop Culture and more! Also check out my HOTTIE OF THE MONTH Section!
0 0 News and Reviews
272 Neutral A flame about this high
A look at the letters column from John Byrne's Next Men comic. Updated every Friday.
0 0 Comics Culture
273 Neutral ArtPatient
webcomic news, webcomic reviews and commentary
0 0.1 News and Reviews
274 Neutral The Theatre of Terror
Horror comic news, reviews and vintage comic scans. Beware, this site is not for the nervous!
0 0 Comics Culture
275 Neutral The Middles Spaces
A blog that interrogates comics and comic culture (along with music stuff), mostly from the perspective of race and gender.
0 0 Comics Culture
276 Neutral Mary Worth and Me
I blog about the most hilarious comic strip ever: Mary Worth! Come join the fun in Santa Royale.
0 0 Rants and Nonsense
277 Neutral The Real Batman Chronology Project
A encyclopedic listing of every single CANONICAL Batman appearance in chronological order. By comic book historian Collin Colsher.
0 0 Comics Culture
278 Neutral Spider-Man Reviews
Spider-man Reviews features latest developments in Spider-Man comics. Reviews, commentary, news and discussion. Occasionally we try to throw in some game reviews as well.
0 0 News and Reviews
279 Neutral SlyPunx
Assorted Comics at random times of the day.
0 0 Creator Site
280 Neutral Coby's Comics
Coby's Blog about Coby's Comics!
0 0 Comics Culture
281 Neutral We Love Comics!
A webzine dedicated to promoting any and all comic book-related crowd-sourcing endeavors. Long live the indie spirit!
0 0.1 News and Reviews
282 Neutral The Big Comic Page
A cross platform blog which has the latest news about comic culture, exclusive interviews, A regular podcast, Reviews and more. Based out of UK but spreading the news internationally.
0 0 News and Reviews
283 Neutral Who Will Watch the Watchmen?
My graphic novels. My reviews. My views. For you.
0 0 News and Reviews
284 Neutral The Webcomic Overlook
Webcomic reviews are serious business.
0 0.5 Comics Culture
285 Neutral Foreign Comic Collector
An online magazine dedicated to collecting foreign comic variants, editions, reprints and all other foreign comic collecting goodness!
0 0 Comics Culture
286 Neutral Four Color Commentary
The blog of Mark Allen, producer of Suspended Animation, a 20+ year old syndicated comics review column.
0 0 Comics Culture
287 Neutral Class Dismissed
A comic about a cynical school teacher and the world around him.
0 0 Creator Site
288 Neutral Weird Science DC Comics Blog
Weird Science, focusing on all things DC Comics including reviews, lists and articles with some humor and pop culture sprinkled in.
0 0.3 News and Reviews
289 Neutral DemonHanzo's Make Your Own Comic Book
A self guide and journey to making a comic book.
0 0 Creator Site
290 Neutral Let's Just Be Foes
Let's Just Be Foes follows the exploits of a team of funded adventurers. There goal is to get answers to some of the greatest mysteries of the world while facing zombies, demons, killer robots, and whatever else stands in their way. Writer: Alex Stone, A
0 0 Comics Culture
291 Neutral Pink Ink
A geekette's take on the weeks releases plus other random comic tidbits.
0 0 Comics Culture
292 Neutral The Brightest Day The Blackest Night
News and information on all the Lantern Corps for all the Lantern Fans.
0 0 Comics Culture
293 Neutral Godmera's Fandom
Comics, Monsters, Toys, Movies, Music, and Me. A fan blog.
0 0 Comics Culture
294 Neutral Techno-Creeps
Funny strips about technology inclined stick-men and women.
0 0 Comics Culture
295 Neutral Comic Swap Shop
Observations about the hobby I enjoy. And swapping books.
0 0 Rants and Nonsense
296 Neutral green blogger's site
personal collection of green lantern comics, toys, and other stuffs
0 0 Comics Culture
297 Neutral Interested in Sophisticated Fun?
Comic book reviews, interviews with bloggers, podcasters, and word makers
0 0 Comics Culture
298 Neutral Tough Guy
Tough Guy is the most badass comic on the interwebz.
0 0 Creator Site
299 Neutral Superhero Reviews!
Reviews and Thoughts on all our favorite comics...
0 0 News and Reviews
300 Neutral Slightly comic, comic
Short comics and jokes about life,culture,films and other random thoughts
0 0.1 Creator Site

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