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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
271 Neutral Make Dad Read Comics
Blog/podcast where I force my father to read & discuss comics, he hates them but by offering treats he surrenders!
0 2 Comics Culture
272 Neutral Geektress
Geektress is a website aimed at science fiction / fantasy / comic-book loving nerds everywhere.
0 2 News and Reviews
273 Neutral It's Time for Some Action!
Wherein Action Matt! Murray Rambles About His Media Related Madness and Other Modern Morbidity... Updates Regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays, With Occasional Posts Thrown in Here and There.
0 2 Rants and Nonsense
274 Neutral Geek Readers
Comicbook reviews, previews, news and more.
0 2 Comics Culture
275 Neutral Let's Just Be Foes
The adventures of people who seek the answers to the mysteries of the word.
0 2 Comics Culture
276 Neutral Cornwall Graphic Novel Group
A collective of graphics, trades, comics and manga fans who get together every month to geek out.
0 2 Comics Culture
277 Neutral Lucky Bubblegum.com
Comic Books, bubble gum and a Bit of Luck. Spot on the web were I (P.B. DeBerry) ramble about my p.brain ideas and other stuff that excites my imagination.
1 1.9 Rants and Nonsense
278 Neutral Your Comic Relief
A Blog about comics, both printed and online. News, reviews, and reactions. Visit today!
1 1.9 News and Reviews
279 Neutral The Servants
The modern servants comic based on the customer service industry.
0 1.9 Creator Site
280 Neutral The Comic Book Discrimination Dossiers
A blog whose purpose is meant to be similar in some ways to that of Women in Refridgerators, in focusing on comic book characters who've been misused and subject to discrimination by the companies that own them.
0 1.8 Rants and Nonsense
281 Neutral Pipin' Hot Comics
Pipin Hot is the home of indy comics and art created by Don Wood: this blog includes sketches comic art and ideas.
0 1.8 Creator Site
282 Neutral Inherited Tigers
Home of ISLAND of the APES, TEMPLAR, HARRY LIME, WTF and STEAMTOWN- the first Shakespeare Sci Fi Noir!
0 1.8 Comics Culture
283 Neutral The Comics Blog
A blog that mostly has reviews and other what-not about comics. Also features the most generic blog name ever.
0 1.7 News and Reviews
284 Neutral Comic Swap Shop
Observations about the hobby I enjoy. And swapping books.
1 1.7 Rants and Nonsense
285 Neutral ChiChi Pompous
Blog about food, through a comical way of an animators mind.
0 1.7 Creator Site
286 Neutral I Speak In Bubbles
Comic reviews and industry interviews and insights.
0 1.6 News and Reviews
287 Neutral PositiveBrand Comic Book Reviews
PositiveBrand reviews the best in comic books, video games, movies, websites, and other pop culture oddities.
0 1.5 Comics Culture
288 Neutral The Balkin City Stories
The Balkin City Stories - A free crime noir online comic in a bleak as can be city. Recommended for a mature audience.
0 1.5 Creator Site
289 Neutral komikmasa
Welcome to my domain of fictions and realm... Storyboard kind of comic and adult's genres and tales...
0 1.5 Comics Culture
290 Neutral ooo and other stories
My personal blog, with comics, illustrations and stories
0 1.5 Creator Site
291 Neutral Court's Court
This blog is insight on my webcomic called Luci Phurr's Imps, as well as my day to day activities and how-to.
0 1.4 Creator Site
292 Neutral System Earth Comic
New sci Fi comic. Quentin Tarentino meets StarWars.
0 1.4 Comics Culture
293 Neutral A Comic Life, Indeed
A comic look a life with chronic illness - in a comic!
0 1.3 Creator Site
294 Neutral Chobo, The Sophisticated Robot
Chobo, the Sophisticated Robot is a daily comic strip created by Toronto artist, Jerry Drozdowsky.
0 1.3 Creator Site
295 Neutral Talkin Bout Comics
Comic and Comic related reviews commentary and discussion. We all like what we like. Let's talk about it.
0 1.2 Comics Culture
296 Neutral The Mindgator
Hunted by corporate spies and thieves, Miguel makes his mark as the fastest, most reliable bike messenger in the city.
0 1.2 Creator Site
297 Neutral Comic Book News
Daily Comic Book News All in ONE central Hub! Submit your comic blog for FREE and be included in the feed!
0 1.2 Comics Culture
298 Neutral Assorted Geekery
I use this blog to review comics new and old. Also talking about stuff I enjoyed each day.
0 1.1 News and Reviews
299 Neutral DevaShard - HK's 1st International Graphic Novel
Blog featuring Fluid Friction's premier comic series DevaShard
0 1 Creator Site
300 Neutral Montreal Comics
Little blog that offer random comic news, reviews, rants, and discussions about other subjects. Written from Montreal.
0 0.9 News and Reviews

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