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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
31 Neutral It's A Dan's World
Blogging daily on comics and illustration!
30 257.7 Comics Culture
32 Neutral The Horrors of it All / THOIA
Pre-code horror comics and more!
33 253.2 Comics Culture
33 Up Hominids
A prehistoric action adventure comic following a group of Neanderthals as they encounter other hominid species.
36 247.2 Creator Site
34 Down El Blog de Jotace
Well... Frederic Wertham was right
12 246.7 Rants and Nonsense
35 Neutral Mary Worth and Me
I blog about the most hilarious comic strip ever: Mary Worth! Come join the fun in Santa Royale.
35 233.6 Rants and Nonsense
36 Neutral Little Guardians
All-Ages Fantasy/Adventure Graphic Novel Series and Webcomic
19 230.8 Creator Site
37 Up Too Dangerous For a Girl
Comic book reviews and opinions from a Marvel and DC lifer ... but it's not all Marvel and DC, and it's not all reviews
57 227 Comics Culture
38 Down Speed Force
Tracking the Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.
0 226.9 News and Reviews
39 Neutral Big Glee! The Albert Bryan Bigley Archives!
This is the site that features the childhood artwork of Marvel and DC Comics artist Al Bigley! Al has fun poking fun at his childish scrawlings! Also spotlights original comic art and odds and ends from the Silver and Bronze age of comics and toys!
37 226 Comics Culture
40 Up Straitened Circumstances: An Aspiring Writer Talks Wonder Woman (And Other Things)
Focuses on Wonder Woman, now and historically, as well as comics and pop culture generally.
43 217.4 Comics Culture
41 Down Coby's Comics
Coby's Blog about Coby's Comics!
30 217.2 Comics Culture
42 Neutral Super Robot Mayhem
News and Reviews on new and old comics, feel free to contribute with your own reviews too.
31 214.4 Comics Culture
43 Neutral Fashion Tips From Comic Strips
An in-depth look at the fashionable narrative of comics, in a realm where the superheroes are the supermodels. Expect spandex, civvies, and everything in between!
93 208.9 Comics Culture
44 Neutral Once Upon a Geek
A place for all things geek... Primarily focused on comic books and science fiction.
27 176.3 Comics Culture
45 Neutral Blog into Mystery
A site dedicated to one man's journey in comic collecting, dealing with books from any and all eras.
28 174.2 Comics Culture
46 Up Son of Stuck Funky
The Web's Premiere Source for Funky Winkerbean Snark!
33 172.5 Rants and Nonsense
47 Down Blog de Comics
Toda la información sobre el mundo del comic
13 172 News and Reviews
48 Neutral Space-Mullet
Synopsis: A washed up ex-marine space trucker named Jonah does his best (and usually fails) to do good throughout the galaxy with his alien friend and co-pilot, Alphius.
15 168.3 Creator Site
49 Neutral Comic Book Graphic Design
Free Comic Resources, How To Videos, References, Comic Art Terms, Characters and Comics.
23 159.2 Creator Site
50 Neutral Girls Gone Geek
Comics. Culture. Critical Thought.
23 151.3 Comics Culture
51 Neutral Silver Age Comics
Mostly dedicated to comics from 1955-1970.
31 150.9 Comics Culture
52 Neutral Comic Book Hunter & Gatherer
Blog about collecting comics and comic collectibles from a collectors point of view. Review of comic shops and convention also.
9 146.9 Comics Culture
53 Neutral Spider-Man Reviews
Spider-man Reviews features latest developments in Spider-Man comics. Reviews, commentary, news and discussion. Occasionally we try to throw in some game reviews as well.
17 145.8 News and Reviews
54 Up Top 100 Best Graphic Novels
A countdown list of the top 100 best graphic novels and comics with a review for each.
23 128.8 News and Reviews
55 Down Ralf the Destroyer
Classic newspaper styled comic strip about an alien who is hired to destroy Earth, but is really a nice guy and kind of a procrastinator.
16 128.7 Creator Site
56 Neutral Outright Geekery
News, Reviews, Previews, and More Covering Comics, Games, Movies, TV, and Other Geek-Related Content
47 121.8 News and Reviews
57 Neutral The Big Blog of Kids' Comics
The Big Blog celebrates kids' comics and great bigfoot cartooning from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.
22 119.9 Comics Culture
58 Neutral Omnicomic
A spiffy spot for the comic lot. Omnicomic is all about bringing comics news to the comics fans. Includes news, interviews, reviews, weekly columns from guest writers, all things comic related.
23 116.4 Comics Culture
59 Neutral Random Happenstance
Homemade toy photo comics, commentary on comics new and old.
12 114.4 Rants and Nonsense
60 Neutral HeroPress
A daily slice of geek - from comics to games, via films and TV. Reviews etc
13 112.8 Comics Culture

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