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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
61 Up Giant-Size Marvel: A Blog for True Believers
The world's greatest Marvel Comics blog, featuring giant-size artwork from the silver age to the present, reviews, merchandise, movies and video games.
79 120.4 Comics Culture
62 Neutral Ralf the Destroyer
Classic newspaper styled comic strip about an alien who is hired to destroy Earth, but is really a nice guy and kind of a procrastinator.
59 120.1 Creator Site
63 Up Angry Koala Gear
We are the Pop Culture Zealots! We provide news updates in comics, toys, movies and art.
90 119.7 News and Reviews
64 Down Flying Tiger Comics
Home on the web of Flying Tiger Comics
40 119 Creator Site
65 Up Weird Science DC Comics Blog
Weird Science, focusing on all things DC Comics including reviews, lists and articles with some humor and pop culture sprinkled in.
106 116.3 News and Reviews
66 Neutral The Real Batman Chronology Project
A comprehensive listing of Batman timelines from various eras and compendium blog about superhero comics, comic book culture, and serialized comics narratology.
64 116.1 Comics Culture
67 Down ComicSpectrum
Comic Spectrum is your one-stop source for information, reviews & opinions across the full spectrum of comics culture.
40 115.8 Comics Culture
68 Down Kaiju Battle
Blog Of The Monsters
53 114.1 News and Reviews
69 Neutral Comic Book Revolution
Reviews and Commentary on Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse and Independent Comic Books.
77 113.9 News and Reviews
70 Up Giant Size Geek - Astonishing Blog of Comics and Science Fiction
Blog covering the weird worlds of comics, science fiction, fantasy, featuring giant-size artwork from the silver age to the present. Book reviews, tv, movies and video games
84 110.7 Comics Culture
71 Down Heretical Jargon
Ramblings From A Comic Book Nerd And Almost Legitimate Reviews
47 109.2 Comics Culture
72 Down Outright Geekery
News, Reviews, Previews, and More Covering Comics, Games, Movies, TV, and Other Geek-Related Content
45 108 News and Reviews
73 Neutral El Blog de Jotace
Well... Frederic Wertham was right
67 106.3 Rants and Nonsense
74 Neutral What'cha Reading
Reviews and interviews with new and interesting comics and creators.
62 104.7 News and Reviews
75 Up Casey At The Bat
A gay slice of life webcomic following the adventures of Casey and his friends in life, love and sports!
108 97.9 Creator Site
76 Down I love comic covers
A blog to show comic covers homages, recreations, swipes, recolorings,...
52 96.7 Comics Culture
77 Neutral Junk Food For Thought
Reviews of collected editions from an OCD point of view.
72 95.9 News and Reviews
78 Down That F'ing Monkey
A blog dedicated to Comics,Games, and Booze.
45 95.4 Comics Culture
79 Neutral The Four Color Media Monitor
The central station whose primary purpose is studying how the mainstream press covers comic books, to see what's being done right or wrong in how they report about comic books. All done mainly from a conservative outlook.
39 85.6 News and Reviews
80 Up Ahoy Earth
Two aliens living on earth and killing time like the rest of us. MWF C&H style webcomic.
103 85.4 Creator Site
81 Down Has Boobs, Reads Comics
Has Boobs, Reads Comics. Need I say more? Ok, I blog about movies, video games and anything else nerdy too.
42 84.8 Comics Culture
82 Down LEAGUE OF FICTION PRESENTS: comic books, superhero, & everything related to fiction source
45 84.7 News and Reviews
83 Neutral What's Shakin'
Fantasy webcomic following 3 mages and their epic adventures.
43 81.1 Creator Site
84 Neutral Images Unplugged
A place where I talk about comics, tv, film and games. Occasional reviews and rants are likely.
55 81 News and Reviews
85 Down Jon Knutson's Random Acts of Geekery
Toys, children's books, and other stuff based on comics, plus cover galleries and discussion are just the tip of the geekery iceberg! Also features a lot of other geekery!
35 80.9 Megasite
86 Neutral The Heroic Age - Marvel Comics News
a fan site with updates on upcoming comics from Marvel comics. Showcasing Images and story descriptions.
42 77.5 Comics Culture
87 Up Sam Johnson Comics
Comics writer/creator of Geek-Girl, Ms. F, Gold Town and Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman. Jonesin' to work on Deadpool. Download Cabra's color debut FREE here!
75 75.1 Creator Site
88 Neutral Comicology - The 9th Art Exponent
An exclusive Comics Blog, which rather than toeing the much famous American & Manga Genre, zooms on comics gems available in Franco-Belgian, British, Italian, Indian genres.
45 74.1 Comics Culture
89 Down Coby's Comics
Coby's Blog about Coby's Comics!
29 72.9 Comics Culture
90 Neutral Fortress of Baileytude
A daily blog about most things comic book. Currently covering the DEATH AND RETURN OF SUPERMAN!!!!
43 72.4 Comics Culture

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