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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
61 Down The Bad Genious
A loose coalition of comic fans. United by our mutual desire to rant, rave and ramble about comics and their culture.
0 0 Comics Culture
62 Down Comicasa - Milan's Comics Blog
Original comics and artwork by Milan S. Minic.
0 0 Creator Site
63 Down The Daily Comics Review
Helping you slog through the daily best and worst of the print and web comics universe.
0 0 News and Reviews
64 Down downthetubes.net British Comics News Blog
British Comics News, features and and more from the downthetubes news team.
0 0 News and Reviews
65 Down Ask Deadpool
The Merc with the Mouth gives you the best advice there is: his. Got a question? Ask Deadpool - because you just won't get these answers anywhere else.
0 0 Rants and Nonsense
66 Down Girls Gone Geek
Comics. Culture. Critical Thought.
0 0 Comics Culture
67 Down ComicSpectrum Comic Reviews Blog
Reviews of current comics with an emphasis towards Independent comics (though the occasional Marvel/DC book will be discussed).
0 0 News and Reviews
68 Down The Newest Rant.
Reviews of and news about comics, movies, music, television, politics, and pop-culture, but mainly comics.
0 0 Rants and Nonsense
69 Down Speed Force
Tracking the Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.
0 0 News and Reviews
70 Down Comic Book Cover Jigsaw Puzzles
We take Comic Book Cover's or related artwork and reproduce into Jigsaw Puzzles.
0 0 Creator Site
71 Down Comics-and-More
A blog where I post about comics, and occasionally get sidetracked by the goings-on of general pop culture.
0 0 News and Reviews
72 Down M.O.D.M.
Sharing Golden Age comic book stories and other random thoughts.
0 0 Comics Culture
73 Down Comics in Crisis
Looking at what went right and wrong with comic stories past and present.
0 0 Comics Culture
74 Down Once Upon a Geek
A place for all things geek... Primarily focused on comic books and science fiction.
0 0.8 Comics Culture
75 Down The Absorbascon
Superhero comics humor, analysis, and commentary.
0 0 Comics Culture
76 Down Comic Fodder
Your panel of experts engages in review and criticism of comics, and regularly ponders the comic industry's myriad mysteries.
0 0 News and Reviews
77 Down The Kid's Comic Book Reviews
A comic book review site written by a 7 year old.
0 0 News and Reviews
78 Down Platypus Robot
An unholy hodgepodge of everything geek that sometimes lays eggs.
0 0 Comics Culture
79 Down The Balkin City Stories
The Balkin City Stories - A free crime noir online comic in a bleak as can be city. Recommended for a mature audience.
0 0 Creator Site
80 Down Sequentially Speaking
Notes on the comic book industry from a comic book retailer.
0 0 Comics Culture
81 Down Lady, That's My Skull
Sometimes cranky, mostly affectionate, content-free blog about pulps, comics and pop-culture.
0 0 Comics Culture
82 Down Floppies Never Say Die!
FNSD takes a look at the impact comics have on society and the online community, and why it's the world's greatest medium!
0 0 Comics Culture
83 Down The Comic Prospector
A comic book review site that searches for the best comics from any age.
0 0.1 News and Reviews
84 Down Giant-Size Marvel: A Blog for True Believers
The world's greatest Marvel Comics blog, featuring giant-size artwork from the silver age to the present, reviews, merchandise, movies and video games.
0 0.1 Comics Culture
85 Down Black Snow Comics
Blog of comic creators Michael Balistreri and Alex Siquig, known for Black Snow, I'm Famous! and Optimistically Cynical.
0 0 Creator Site
86 Down I Love Rob Liefeld | A Comic Book Blog
Comic book reviews and commentary.
0 0 Comics Culture
87 Down Bang! Pow! Zap!
A comic blog by a regular working schmo.
0 0 Comics Culture
88 Down comiXmania
meet your favourite heroes!
0 0 Comics Culture
89 Down London Loves Comics
Bagging and Boarding for Britain!
0 0 Comics Culture
90 Down Talkin Bout Comics
Comic and Comic related reviews commentary and discussion. We all like what we like. Let's talk about it.
0 0 Comics Culture

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