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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
Rank Blog Today Average Category
91 Neutral Out Of This World
Examines comic book content for evidence of thought processes and behaviors extant in society when written, drawn, and published.
34 61.9 Comics Culture
92 Neutral Black Superhero Fan
Following the portrayal of Superhero characters of African descent in comics, books, movies, & TV, and the people who bring them to you.
35 61.7 News and Reviews
93 Down Coby's Comics
Coby's Blog about Coby's Comics!
21 61.7 Comics Culture
94 Up Shelf Abuse Graphic Novel Reviews
Graphic novel, comic book and movie reviews, news and features.
30 57.3 News and Reviews
95 Down Comicverso
Webzine y Podcast dedicado a los cómics | Webzine and Podcast devoted to comicbooks.
19 57.3 Comics Culture
96 Neutral Ladies Making Comics
Covering the latest and greatest of female comics creators and their works since November 2010. Affiliated with the Women in Comics Wiki.
34 57.1 Comics Culture
97 Neutral Curicon Blog
Curiconblog is the geeky/nerdy blog of the Curicon.com site - a marketplace & free social network for collectors of pop culture.
13 54.1 Comics Culture
98 Up The Golden Age of Comic Books
Everything related to the Golden Age of Comic Books and the host site of the Golden Age of Comic Books Podcast hosted by Bill Jourdain.
38 53.7 Comics Culture
99 Up Sigmatestudio - Creating a Graphic Novel
Comic Reviews, Artist Interviews and steps to create a graphic novel.
45 53.3 Comics Culture
100 Down Comically Graphic
Contains my personal ramblings and thoughts, comic book reviews and news, everything comics related, and the occasional nerdery & geek-asm.
23 52.7 News and Reviews
101 Neutral The Newest Rant.
Reviews of and news about comics, movies, music, television, politics, and pop-culture, but mainly comics.
32 51.1 Rants and Nonsense
102 Up Giant Size Geek - Astonishing Blog of Comics and Science Fiction
Blog covering the weird worlds of comics, science fiction, fantasy, featuring giant-size artwork from the silver age to the present. Book reviews, tv, movies and video games
31 48.5 Comics Culture
103 Neutral Images Unplugged
A place where I talk about comics, tv, film and games. Occasional reviews and rants are likely.
27 48.3 News and Reviews
104 Up Ridiculously Awesome
Expanding the universe one issue at a time by talking about comics, cartoons, toys and other things, but mostly comics.
33 47.6 Rants and Nonsense
105 Up FarOut
FarOut is a sci-fi western taking place on a strange planet inhabitaded by... cowbots!
34 47.1 Creator Site
106 Down Modern Age Comics
Pictures, news, reviews, and all things with relevance to our current era of superheroes and comic books.
12 47 Comics Culture
107 Up The Brightest Day The Blackest Night
News and information on all the Lantern Corps for all the Lantern Fans.
29 46.1 Comics Culture
108 Neutral Futile Position
Geek news and reviews site, including comic books (plus video games, board games, and RPGs).
21 45.2 News and Reviews
109 Up Boosterrific
Devoted to Booster Gold
34 45.2 News and Reviews
110 Down Secret Wars on Infinite Earths: The Comic Book Fight Club
Reliving and reviewing the best and worst of super hero slugfests!
15 45.1 Comics Culture
111 Down Warren Peace Sings the Blues
Reviews of comics, manga, webcomics, etc. Hopefully incisive, cutting, thought-provoking, and amusing, but you never know.
28 44.9 Comics Culture
112 Up The Comic Watcher
Reviews on Comics, artist and comic History
28 43.1 Comics Culture
113 Down All Things Fangirl
A group of East Coast Fangirls (and a couple boys) in their early twenties, who are and/or work with various professionals in the genre world, write about the things they love...and hate. Specializing in opinions, recommendations & commentary with some ex
14 42.8 Megasite
114 Up The Theatre of Terror
Horror comic news, reviews and vintage comic scans. Beware, this site is not for the nervous!
46 41.1 Comics Culture
115 Down Superpowers That Be
A blog about comic books, tv, and a little politics. But mostly comic books.
17 39.7 Comics Culture
116 Down Timely Atlas Comics
17 39.2 Comics Culture
117 Down Murtha Reviews
My brother sister and I review and discuss comics, and sometimes sci-fi t.v. shows.
12 38.5 Comics Culture
118 Up ComicFilmBlog.de
German Blog about Comics & Movies / deutscher Comicblog
33 38 Comics Culture
119 Down SDCC Comic Con
Stay on top of each comic con with the latest news, Exclusive con items & toys, Pop Culture and more! Also check out my HOTTIE OF THE MONTH Section!
23 37.2 News and Reviews
120 Neutral Ahoy Earth
Two aliens living on earth and killing time like the rest of us. MWF C&H style webcomic.
16 36.3 Creator Site

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