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Welcome to the Comic Blog Elite toplist, a resource for fans, creators, retailers, and publishers looking for the very best comic blogs on the net. Joining the Comic Blog Elite will connect you to a network of like-minded bloggers and expose your site to new readers interested in exactly what you have to offer. We are the voice and spirit of the comic community. Join us!
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91 Down Montreal Comics
Little blog that offer random comic news, reviews, rants, and discussions about other subjects. Written from Montreal.
0 0 News and Reviews
92 Down The Mighty World of Bronze Age Marvel
Musings and more on Marvel's Bronze Age from 1972-1980
0 0 Comics Culture
93 Down Son of Stuck Funky
The Web's Premiere Source for Funky Winkerbean Snark!
0 0.1 Rants and Nonsense
94 Down Has Boobs, Reads Comics
Has Boobs, Reads Comics. Need I say more? Ok, I blog about movies, video games and anything else nerdy too.
0 0 Comics Culture
95 Down Espresso City
I have a comic. I draw about word play. I draw about death. I draw about sexism, feminism, misogyny, news articles, cute things, and things that will make you cringe. Mostly I draw about my miserable existence.
0 0 Comics Culture
96 Down Comic Book And Movie Reviews
www.comicbookandmoviereviews.com, is a daily updated site, with articles on movies, comic books, humor, news, and related topics of note.
0 0.1 Megasite
97 Down Assorted Geekery
I use this blog to review comics new and old. Also talking about stuff I enjoyed each day.
0 0 News and Reviews
98 Down The stixite - more fun than should be legal
Stixites are done the complete opposite way to most comics. Courtney takes his inspiration from anything and everything around him. That illustration is sent to Dale who will work them ALL no matter what. There is absolutely NO pre-planning. NO pre-scri
0 0 Creator Site
99 Down The Comic Treadmill
Dedicated fans joyride through comics old and new, including periodic special features like the Scaled-Down Smack-Down!
0 0.1 Comics Culture
100 Down The Defenders Fansite
Discusses the characters, adventures, and themes of the definitive superhero non-team.
0 0 Comics Culture
101 Down Silver Age Comics
Mostly dedicated to comics from 1955-1970.
0 0 Comics Culture
A daily web comic about the trials and tribulations of making a web comic! It's comedic GOLD!
0 0 Creator Site
103 Down Four Color Promises
A collection of advertisements from comic books. From the 60's to the 80's. Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
0 0 Comics Culture
104 Down the rough draft of an aspiring mad man
A blog from an integrated marketing communications graduate student in chicago about comic books, marketing and entertainment.
0 0 Megasite
105 Down Comix Tutorials
comix tuts is a blog,where i try to gather as much info ,tuts,methods inspiration ,resources,for people who want to start a comic.you can find tuts on many programs like photoshop,or how to scan your art for coloring.it is still fairly new and limited but
0 0 Comics Culture
106 Down Four Colour Alchemy
All things comics panel, layouts, movie adaptations are mixed up here, the results may vary and may be explosive.
0 0 Comics Culture
107 Down DevaShard - HK's 1st International Graphic Novel
Blog featuring Fluid Friction's premier comic series DevaShard
0 0 Creator Site
The BAT-BLOG is totally dedicated to Batman Collecting. We cover Vintage Toys, New Merchandise, The Movies, Cartoons, Animated Films, TV Shows, Comic Books, etc...everything BATMAN!
0 0 Comics Culture
109 Down Latchkey Studios
Creator blog featuring a collective of people who create comics and attend cons.
0 0 Creator Site
110 Down Out Of This World
Examines comic book content for evidence of thought processes and behaviors extant in society when written, drawn, and published.
0 0 Comics Culture
111 Down Comically Graphic
Contains my personal ramblings and thoughts, comic book reviews and news, everything comics related, and the occasional nerdery & geek-asm.
0 0 News and Reviews
112 Down The Batcave Toy Room
The Batcave Toy Room discusses Batman & Sci-fi genre collecting. Covering toys, collectibles, movies, TV series, comic books, etc.
0 0 Comics Culture
113 Down Your Comic Relief
A Blog about comics, both printed and online. News, reviews, and reactions. Visit today!
0 0 News and Reviews
114 Down monster control inc
Free web-comic. Man vs Monster for control of the planet.
0 0 Creator Site
115 Down Futile Position
Geek news and reviews site, including comic books (plus video games, board games, and RPGs).
0 0 News and Reviews
116 Down Shipwreck Will Comix
That rash got you down? Apply a generous dose of comic fun to the effected area!
0 0 Creator Site
117 Down Comic blog Buzzing All Round 20th Century Comic stuff
At comicments.com, I blog everything I know about comics, coz I believe and have passion for the Art, graphic prints and penciling and other freakout stuffs. You should check it out if you want some comic News! The Best of its Kind, COME ONE< COME ALL!
0 0 News and Reviews
118 Down The Flying Saucer-Cast
Operated by three geeks with a passing knowledge of comics who also maintain a podcast.
0 0 Comics Culture
119 Down Do a Barney Oldfield!
Examination of my passion for comics and science fiction with a particular eye towards historical context and pop culture references.
0 0 Comics Culture
120 Down Geeky Karma
A comic about geek outs and the karmic cycle of life.
0 0 Creator Site

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